Behavioral research has revealed that the first emotional learning experiences in the life of each human and animal infant are of absolute significance. They are irreversible, which is termed imprinting. In all developed societies mother and baby are separated from each other in this extremely sensitive first phase of life. The general rule is: the higher the culture, the more radical the implementation of this separation, which can be understood as integration into the alienated life in towns. This means: in the depth of the human souls of all developed societies, of all civilisations is hidden a weeping, desperate and furious baby.

As we know now,  thanks to pre-natal psychology and psychotherapy, the psychic life of a person does not begin just after birth, but is already present during the whole pregnancy. An embryo and fetus, a baby in its mother's womb, is a fully sentient human being from the very beginning, from conception onwards. And birth is probably the most intensively fear-ridden experience in the life of any individual.


We cannot remember this earliest phase of life: conception, pregnancy, birth and babyhood. However the traces of these experiences, these earliest influences are present in our bodies. Our body-consciousness forgets nothing. But it is precisely at this depth, where our earliest injuries and traumas are lodged, that our greatest treasures are hidden, our creativity and intuition, it is the source of our whole emotional life, the centre of our ability to love and form relationships. It is also the source of all our addictions and destructivity. To open and release this human potential is the purpose of our lives.

In my practice - since 1970 - I have been working with babies, children and their families, but also with adults who wished to have their earliest injuries healed.  I'm giving courses and seminars on how I am working with babies and how I am helping adults to resolve the traumata of birth and pregnancy.

Franz Renggli